Flight &Arrive

After 3 houers sitting around finally i was able to board.


It was a small and loud plane.


Up in the air, cloudy but with no heavy wind.

In Dublin i rant for the bus, was lucky and just gut one.

After some trouble i arrived with full live, but no mana my guestfamily😸


3 thoughts on “Flight &Arrive

  1. Hi boy just woke up after a long nights sleep and first of all checked your blog!!! Nice pictures to the text. Well done boy, that you managed it so smooth down to Galway! But what kind of troubles did you have to deal with? Crazy driver, funny people, or other circumstances? Whats your place like? We hope you slept as well as we did and after a good breakfast be able to take a trip into the city. We will now have breakfast and catch the train again shortly after 10 o clock. I desperately need some food! Take care my love, and we are looking forward to your next report. Love maPa

  2. Lieber Simon
    Dein Anruf hat uns sehr gefreut und es war schön deine Stimme zu hören.
    Wir sind nun im hotel Eder angekommen und haben gegessen. Ma ist nun an ihrem Kurs und ich gehe bald den Final schauen. Ich hoffe du schläfst gut in deinem neuen zu Hause und findest Morgen an der Schule nette Mitschüler/Innen. Ich bin gespannt auf deinen mächsten Blog.
    Wie geht es mit dem englisch verstehen? Was gab es für Verständigungsprobleme?
    Hast du dich im Skype angemeldet?

    Liebste Grüsse


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