First Day

“The early bird got’s the word”

The first breakfast at my guestfamily was nice, i was able to choose from a nice range of cereals and other things.

After breakfast we went to the town.


There were many musical artists.
At 12 i bought some stuff.


This is the Gortgraine rd./millers lane.


Somwhere between the school and my home.


One thought on “First Day

  1. Good morning Simon
    Did you sleep well? It was a lovely surprise to get your phone call yesterday. I do understand very well how you feel about being on your very own now. I felt the same when I went the first time to England and didn’t know anybody but the host family. Your pictures look very nice and give us an idea about how it looks there. The weather seemed to be nice and dry too or did you have to use your umbrella already? Here the weather is overcast but friendly at the moment with some showers indicadet. The outlook of our balcony fantastic. Maybe Rene can add a picture later. The hotel is very nice too. My course is interesting. While you are already at school, we now start with breakfast. We wish you a good start at the galway institute! We’ll catch up later. Love Mapa

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