First school day

We met up in the big hall.
Then a teacher introduced us how evrything is running. We did a quick interview and then we got introduced in our programm.

Morning-class was pretty nice….

At 12 i ate a nice sandwich in the local mensa.

Mid-day class was interesting….

After school i subscribed to a sightseeing tour with other students.
Here are some pictures…



At the Ire-Square was a pro #Palestinian demonstration with less then 100 ppl.


Then i had an trip with a local bus Company.

School day one over 😉


One thought on “First school day

  1. Hi guy just got your todays specials!!! You seem to have had a very busy and interesting day. Where did your trip go to? And what means you had a bus trip with a local bus? To the landlady? Love your scenic pics. We wrote you a mail aswell, so check on this one too. Hope you have a good night and another interesting day tomorrow!!! We’ll catch up tomorrow. Tried to ring you but didn’t work. Take care. Love mapa

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