2. School day

I learned some new teachers and classmates. There are many other students from switzerland.
There are also a lot students from spain.

The order for my meal went on a journy, but it finally found me JIT.
I ate a halfed panini filled with cheese and roasted vegetabels. It was served with chips and a bit salad lovely dressed.



Regards simon


One thought on “2. School day

  1. Hi Simon
    First thing in the morning is to find out whats going on at your place! So now we know that you are not the only Swiss student at the GCI!! Did you get to know somebody closer? How are the lessons? Is it difficult for you to follow the teachers explanations? Do you speak a lot of german with the swizzlis?
    Im glad you got your lunch after all!!! Rene gets more food than he really can eat!!! I just have started to feel a bit better on my stomac so therefore am not exagerating.. Today we’ll make a short trip with the car and go for a walk as the weather has improved a lot and it will be pretty warm in the afternoon. You seem to have fair weather too on the pic you send. Wish you a lovely day and take care. Love MaPa

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