This saturday i was on the aran islands.
First i had to catch up a bus in galway center.
Then in Rossveal i headet over to the ferry.


When i arrived at Inis Moìr i walked over to the next bycicle hire and starten then to explore….

First attempt was the wrong direction here some pictures…



But a local resident got me back on the track. The road got destroyied after a heavy storm, some years a go.

After driving 45min. I made a brake and ate lunch at this lovly beach.


I’m sry but i was not able to buy some knit (bah) gifts.
After the day i had a bit sunburn.
But hey, it never rained. ☔



❤ this dickhead, thats why it's in the picture.
More pictures in the gallery.

Regards simon


One thought on “Weekend

  1. Hey, great idea to go on a trip to aran island. You seem to have got a good impression of this rough island, the pics look interesting. Rene and I are exploring Graz downtown, its lovely too. The weather the last few days was very hot, after a little shower its more pleasant now.In Switzerland they had big storms and floats in some parts. We are maybe leaving for Vienna tomorrow or go home already. We were having a very good time with Maria but tomorrow she goes working again. Hope you had good,start into your second week at school! Lots of love. MaPa

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