First Day

“The early bird got’s the word”

The first breakfast at my guestfamily was nice, i was able to choose from a nice range of cereals and other things.

After breakfast we went to the town.


There were many musical artists.
At 12 i bought some stuff.


This is the Gortgraine rd./millers lane.


Somwhere between the school and my home.

Flight &Arrive

After 3 houers sitting around finally i was able to board.


It was a small and loud plane.


Up in the air, cloudy but with no heavy wind.

In Dublin i rant for the bus, was lucky and just gut one.

After some trouble i arrived with full live, but no mana my guestfamily😸


Today I packed my clothes and School staff. My bedroom Looks like a real mess, i hope the suitcase is big enough.
Still many things have to be done…